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Each of our delicates is a custom order made exclusively for you. They are a unique, handmade item designed and constructed with the utmost care from the finest silks and laces and feature luxe embellishments. Due to the individuality and specialized nature, including the care taken with each garment’s fit, we do not offer returns or exchanges.

Refer to our size chart when ordering and selecting your perfect size. We have made it easy! We are thrilled to give each piece a three-inch give, which allows for a more luxurious experience when wearing these stunning pieces. 

If you have placed an order for a delicate of incorrect size, please notify us within 24 hours so our team can correct the size on the garment before the design is cut. After 24 hours, no changes to your size are possible, as your piece will already be in production.

All sales are final. 

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Welcome to Van Der Velde

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Van Der Velde Mode Collectief, a fashion collective based in Chicago and built for your needs from bridal to breathtaking intimates. Visit our Couture Showroom page to make an appointment today or visit any of our many retailers across the US and UK!

We can’t wait to reveal all the surprises and special events we have in store. Feel free to reach out on our contact page. Kusjes voor jou!